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Setting up your email.

  • Please follow the directions located here.

Common Problems

The email server keeps telling me my password is incorrect.

  • Please ensure you enter your username as all lowercase.  All usernames are now your complete email address in lowercase.  Passwords can be mixed upper and lower case.  When logging in you should include the or with your username.  Another issue brought up frequently: email addresses are not case sensitive.  NVCS@NVCS.COM goes to the same place as

It still rejects my password.

  • Please contact us with the name your account is registered under, your username and password you are using.  Please use the contact link below or (785)-336-3579 by phone.

When dialing up I am unable to connect.  It rejects my password.

  • Again, please ensure you enter your username as all lowercase.  Double check your password.  If this does not resolve the issue contact us.  Keep in mind that many users do not have the same username and password for Internet logon as they have for email logon.

On dial-up, I get disconnected randomly.  Why does that happen?

  • Many things effect your dial-up connection to the Internet.  Static in the phone line can cause a disconnection even if you can't hear static when you are talking to someone.  Modems operate at frequencies outside the human audiable range.  Another common reason for a disconnection is call waiting.  If you have call waiting through your phone comany, make sure you disable it before dialing into the Internet.  If not, you will be disconnected whenever someone is trying to call you.

I have wireless Internet and am unable to connect.

  • Reboot your modem. There will typically be a small black power injector box used to power the external modem. Make sure it is all firmally connected and then unplug the wall power supply then plug it right back in.  If you have a hardware based firewall for connecting multiple PC's unplug it also and plug it right back in.  Wait a few minutes and try to reconnect.  If this does not resolve the issue contact us.

I am having severe problems with popups and other similiar issues.

  • This is a very common problem.  We highly reccommend you install these two applications.  Adaware and Popupstopper.  Adaware cleans the spyware out of your PC while Popupstopper helps prevent the Popups while surfing.  After installing Adaware you should click on: "Check for updates" to download the latest signatures then scan your PC.  You also may want to run a virus scan to ensure your system is clean.  We are finding that Spybot is more capable of removing spyware from PC's at this time. Please give it a try.

I am getting bombarded by junk email and viruses.

  • Unfortunatelly almost all of us are.  The email server which also now serves has a virus scanner and a certain level of junk email filtering enabled.  Although nothing can stop them all it certainly helps.  You can check out the statistics here.  You can also setup your email account to filter most junk mail out by following the directions listed here

I think my PC may have a virus.